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How to Win Him Back – Have a Plan

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Getting your ex boyfriend back after you have dumped him is going to be challenging. You may have broken up in a fit of anger. You may not have even meant it. But, his heart has been broken and figuring out how to win him back will have some challenges so you should have a plan.

How to Win Him BackDid you know that three quarters of the time, the girl breaks up with the guy while only one in four break ups is initiated by a man.

Still, many girls lament about “the one who got away” even if they were the one sending the guy away in the first place.

You don’t have to give up on a relationship though, even if you were the one who called it off.

Getting your ex boyfriend back after you dump him can be a challenge. You have to have a plan. Check out my review of the Magic of Making Up for tips and techniques.

Here is a Five Step Strategy On How to Win Him Back

Step 1: Give him a couple of days to deal with his emotions. Guys can sometimes be clueless when it comes to relationships. You probably had pretty good reasons for breaking up with him. He probably never saw it coming.

So, if you want to get back together, and on your terms, you need to let him stew for a couple of days. Don’t even answer his calls or texts at first, even if it seems necessary for getting your ex boyfriend back.

Step 2: Let him make the first move. After a couple of days, start to answer his phone calls or texts. Don’t send back his love letters. Instead, seem like you are receptive to his advances.

Step 3: Agree to a meeting. After a week or so, agree to meet with him at a neutral place like a coffee house. Let him apologize and try to make overtures. But, don’t make any promises. This is a critical step in how to win him back.

Step 4: Agree to a date. Go out on a date. If possible, try to arrange it so that it is as romantic as possible. Go back to the restaurant you went to on your first date or watch a DVD of the first movie you saw together.

Step 5: The final step in how to win him back after you have dumped him is to set your conditions for getting back together. Remember, you have the upper hand at the moment. He’s not taking you for granted.

Setting the Conditions for Getting Back with Your Ex

Now is the time to set the conditions for getting back together. If there are particular habits of his that you just can not stand, make him agree to give them up. Let him know that he will have to treat you better in the future or else. And mean the “or else” part.

Getting your ex back after you have dumped him means disciplining yourself to stick to a program. You obviously want him back or you wouldn’t be reading this article.

That is the goal of this 5 step program. When you follow it, you will be getting your ex boyfriend back on your own terms. You can find out more here.


How to Attract Men – Find a Guy Who Makes You Feel Special

Finding a guy who can make you feel special is a wonderful thing. People are always looking for that special someone, and so when you finally find him you want to make sure you hold onto him. You want to make him happy and do all you can for him. It is important to be able to figure out how to attract men, but you want to attract the right one!

Part of being in love is making sure your partner is happy and without worry or regret. While we often can not control some of these aspects, we can still work to diminish negative effects as best we can.

If you want to learn how to get back with your boyfriend, check out my review of the Magic of Making Up here. It’s helped a lot of people learn how to communicate better with their ex.

However as great as that sentiment is, sometimes it is not enough. You may love him and he may love you, but sometimes it can be a rather rocky relationship. So you might be wondering what you can do about that. Or you might be wondering how to get your ex boyfriend back. Well there are tips on how to attract men that can help you out.

Tips on How to Attract Men

How to Attract Men

Speak openly and do not be afraid to tell the truth. We often tell white lies to try and shield those we care about. However most of the time it might just be better to be open about it. Men tend to react to those around them. If you are not open with him, he probably will not be open with you.

So if you want to hear his problems and concerns, you should not be afraid to voice your own. If he has a particular habit you dislike, then make him aware of it. Do not try to make him stop, that is up to him. But simply let him know it is a problem.

A lot of times we bottle these feelings up because we are afraid of hurting his feelings. But then in the heat of an argument we let these frustrations loose and he is suddenly blindsided by your complaints.

Some Other Tips to Attract Men

Other tips on how to attract men include making him feel special. Men love having their ego stroked and their insecurities re-assured. Simple gestures or phrases can be all it takes to make him happy or remove any doubts he might have about the relationship.

If he is worrying that he is not making you as happy as you deserve, or that he is failing in some other area you can re-assure him that this is not an issue. If it is true then take steps to help him fix that flaw. Do it gently so as not to hurt him, but do not lie to him either.

Men also love being shown attention. They want you to show them that they are the whole world to you, that you love them and love being with them. So a great tip on how to attract men is to simply show some affection. Men believe in what they see and not so much in what they hear.

It does not have to be anything major. If you are watching tv together then simply cuddling up next to him under a blanket can be all it takes. Simple gestures such as this can go a long way towards making your man feel loved and cared for.

Ultimately it is about showing him just how important he is to you.

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