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How to Win Her Back – Even When She Said No More

Do you want to know how to win her back? Did you know that three quarters of relationships end when the girl says “no more”? Guys are often the last to know that their relationships are in trouble.

That’s why they often panic and do the wrong things when this happens. Here’s the right strategy for how to get your ex girlfriend back.

A Strategy on How to Win Her Back

how to win her backFirst of all, STOP. That is, you should not do anything for at least 48 hours. There are so many emotions that surround a break up. Don’t feed into the drama. In fact there is evidence that waiting for 30 days is even better. This gives everyone more time to cool down.

You may need to hide in your room or even call in sick to work. But, don’t do anything to move the relationship forward or backwards for that matter. Give yourself time to get over the initial shock of being dumped.

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This does not mean that you should give into depression. It does however give you license to reflect and consider your next moves. Use this time to prepare for the future.

The next thing you should do in your how to get your ex girlfriend back is to realize that your ex is not going to be in your life for at least a few days. That should be okay.

Most men think that the best thing they can do is send flowers, call a dozen times, or send a hundred texts. This is absolutely wrong!

This just reminds your ex girlfriend about all the bad things in your relationship and doesn’t give her time to think about the things she loved about you. Instead, stay away. If she wants to contact you, she will. Chasing her will only chase her away.

Your emotions are in turmoil right now. When you reconnect, you want to be calm, cool, and collected. That’s impossible in your current situation. Don’t give into your impulse to contact your ex. Use this time to contemplate step three.

Step three in your how to win her back strategy is to draw curiosity, attraction, and passion from her. You want to be someone that she wants to love.

One of the ways to do this is to appear that you have moved on. When you go out with your buddies (without crying on their shoulders), go to the gym, take up new activities, and even date new girls, you make your girlfriend wonder whether she was wrong to give you up.

Eventually, she will give you signals that she is ready to get back together. And, that’s how to win her back.

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How To Deal with Being Dumped by Your Girlfriend

If you have been a dumped by your girlfriend, I’m sure you are wondering what in the heck you should do now to get over your ex. You are more than likely feeling anger, resentment and hurt over the situation. Since you are a guy, you probably don’t want anyone to know.

Dumped by Your GirlfriendFirst off, that’s the wrong approach. There is nothing wrong with hurting when someone you love is no longer in your life.

I’m not saying you should break down and sob in front of your friends.

But unless your friends are complete jackasses they should be able to support you while you are going through this. If not, maybe your first step should be to get some new friends.

What Not to Do and What to Do!

Sometimes in life it is just as important to know what not to do as it is to know what to do. When you are trying to move past a tough breakup there are many things you just don’t want to do. In fact you will only keep your own hurt alive that much longer and you can hurt other people too.

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For example, don’t hook up with other women. I know, this can help your wounded pride heal. It may take away a little of the hurt for a little while, but what about the other woman?

Does she really deserve to be treated like a replacement for your ex? No, it is best to just resist the urge to sleep with other women. At least for a little while until you can do it for the right reasons. This should not be to build up your own ego, ease your hurt, or get back at your ex.

Getting Drunk Won’t Help You Feel Better!

Another thing you need to avoid if you have been dumped by your girlfriend is the dumb macho posturing of going out and getting drunk. What does that really accomplish since it is such a juvenile thing to do.

If you want to go out with your friends and have some fun to keep your mind off of things, than go for it. But if you want to go out and drink yourself into a stupor either avoid doing that or at least stay home. This way you won’t make a fool of yourself and you can’t hurt anyone.

Instead of engaging in destructive behaviors when have been dumped by your girlfriend, try doing something positive. At least that won’t leave you feeling, and looking, like a jerk.

How about joining a gym and getting into better shape? Why not take a class or go back to school? Go visit your mother? It doesn’t matter what it is for you. As long as what ever activities you choose to participate in are healthy. This will eventually move you forward in life.

They can help you take your mind off your ex, and your anger, and concentrate on something that is worthwhile, a two for one!

Avoiding the destructive behaviors after a breakup and improving the man you are will enable you to move forward in a positive way. This will greatly increase the odds that your next relationship will work out better than your last one did.

So if you have been dumped take stock of the man you are now. Make improvements while you are healing over your breakup.

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