How Do I Know He Loves Me

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From childhood games with folded paper fortune tellers to Whitney Houston blaring from your ear buds, girls have been asking the same question for eons. As long as love has been a concept in the hearts and minds of humanity, this question has been asked by women.

folded-paper-fortune-tellersMen aren’t known for being open about their feelings.

Some men are more open than others and sometimes it feels like he’s telling you what he thinks you want to hear rather than how he really feels.

Watch a man’s actions. They will tell you if he loves you or not. If his words don’t match his actions, believe his actions!

So, how can you really know if he loves you? There are a few hard to mistake signs and we have listed them below.

He Reaches Out to You

We live in a day and age where communication is nearly constant. And, yet, for many women it seems like you are always the one reaching out. If he is the first one to:

• Call you
• Send a text message
• Instant message
• Use Instagram
• Send you messages on Facebook
• Email you often

The odds are great that he really has feelings for you he wants to explore. Men who are ambivalent rarely make the first move. They certainly don’t go out of their way to send you messages in the morning or call you up out of the blue just to see how your day is going.

He Tells You He Loves You

texting-loveThe “L” word is difficult for many men to utter. Just trying to say it, for some men, makes them feel like their tongues have suddenly become glued to the tops of their mouths.

You know, the peanut butter dry mouth syndrome. Even when they feel genuine love for you, it’s nearly impossible for men to be the first to make that declaration. If he says he loves you, chances are, he really does.

Don’t expect him to make Herculean efforts, in your eyes, to prove it. From his perspective, just saying it was Herculean enough.

He Deals with Your Friends and Family

Men don’t often tolerate uncomfortable scrutiny. The fact that he’s willing to be put on the chopping block of public opinion with your friends and family says a lot about where his heart is. If he keeps going back for more punishment, you’ve got a real keeper on your hands.

At the end of the day, though, it doesn’t matter how often he tells you, what he puts up with to show you, or whether or not he makes the first move. What matters most is whether or not he makes you feel loved BY HIM.

No amount of sweet talk or sincere gestures on his part are going to convince you if you don’t feel the love he professes.

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