How To Save A Marriage – 5 Things You Can Do Today

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There is lots of advice on how to save a marriage available. However some of this information seems to be rather vague regarding learning communication skills, not criticizing, forgiving each other. This is good information, but there is a lot more your can do to improve the state of your marriage. While most of these steps take some time, they are all things you can start doing right now.

How To Save A Marriage – Have A Cooling Down Period!

how to save a marriageWhether your spouse has just told you they want a divorce or you’ve been talking about it for a while, a cooling down period will do you both some good.

Take about a week to get away from each other and gather your thoughts. This is no time to make a laundry list of your “future ex’s” faults, though!

Instead, focus on remembering why you fell in love with your spouse in the first place and think through some calm, respectful ways to address the problems when you see each other again.

How To Save A Marriage – Work On Your Own Issues!

Yes, you have issues, too. Sorry. And these aren’t just issues between you and your spouse, but issues related to any emotional baggage you brought into the marriage, too. If you’re taking a cooling off period, that’s a great time to work on these problems, although you shouldn’t expect to resolve any deep issues in such a short time.

Keep in mind, too, that you need to be careful about assigning blame. Especially if your spouse has been violent or verbally abusive. While many therapists who understand will remind you it “takes two to tango,” don’t start thinking you made your partner act a certain way.

How To Save A Marriage – Resolve Conflicts!

If you’ve already taken your cooling off period and given some serious thought to how you might be contributing to the conflict, set aside a few uninterrupted hours (read: get a babysitter) to talk things over. If it seems like you always end up in shouting matches every time you try to work things out, you might want to do this in a marriage counselor’s office. A neutral third party knowledgeable about how to save a marriage can really help keep things sane. This can help you make some real progress.

How To Save A Marriage – Spend Quality Time With Each Other!

how to save a marriageNot spending enough quality time together is often what starts marital problems in the first place. Then once the marriage is really on the rocks, you spend more and more time apart.

Fortunately, it’s an easy trend to reverse. Find something you both enjoy doing. As long as you can chat with each other while doing it. Also schedule a time for the activity at least twice a week.

Final Thoughts – Be Patient!

Most truly useful advice on how to save a marriage won’t give you quick fixes that you can get done in one day. However a lot will give you tactics you can at least try out right away. You may think you need a short break from your spouse to ease tensions. Or perhaps you just need to focus on each other a little more to keep things from really falling apart.

There is always something you can do today to get started in the right direction. The important thing is to take action now and not waste any more time hoping things will get better on their own.

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