Is Technology Ruining Romance?

Is Technology Ruining RomanceI have a friend who recently went on a date and was telling me about how the guy called her to make plans, and then called her the day after the date to see how she liked the date. I found myself saying, “Wow, he called you instead of just texting? That’s so romantic!”

Then I realized how ridiculous it is that the fact that someone makes the effort to call instead of text is considered romantic, but isn’t it true?

What makes something romantic is when a person goes out of his or her way to do something to make a person feel special, and in this day and age, making a phone call is making an effort.

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Sure, I’d rather have someone come over in the night and throw rocks at my window (that’s never happened to me and it’s been a dream of mine for years) than send me a text or call me, but romantic things like that just don’t happen anymore because everyone has their own phone and computer.

Also, technology can take the fun and mystery out of getting to know someone. Thanks to social media and sites like Facebook and Twitter, people don’t communicate one on one as much anymore.

On the flip side, however, it can serve to give you a heads up if the person you are into is one of those annoyingly frequent Facebook-updaters, one of those weird people who take multiple photos of themselves in the mirror, or if they are a felon.

The best way to deal with it is to just embrace it and realize that the way we communicate has evolved. Just don’t ever break up with someone or tell someone you love him or her for the first time through text messages.

And try to keep the drunk texting to a minimum. It is not sexy to wake up to a message that says, “Yoviu’re HOTTTTT ;)”

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