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Michael Fiore has become famous all around the world as a relationship expert. He not only helps men, but also focuses on women to help them find suitable partners. He is an expert on interpersonal communication, with special focus on the use of text messages for enhancing intimacy, romance and communication for people in romantic relationships. For instance, many people were able to get their ex back successfully after following his “Text Your Ex Back” program.

An Overview of What Michael Does 

romantic textsMichael has some special skills to help men and women rekindle their relationships when things go off the rails. He can even show you how to get your ex back after a breakup. During his time as a bachelor, Michael Fiore realized the immense power of text messages. In the beginning, it was simple and innocent. Just like any other guy, Michael used text messages to stay in touch with women he met and dated.

However, his inquisitive nature forced him to think about how text messages could influence women and make them stay in touch with men. It was not long before Michael developed some powerful texting methods to allow himself to spark massive devotion and attraction among his girlfriends.

Why Was He Interested In Helping Men?

Initially, Michael had many friends who would simply complain to him about the lack of intimacy and romance in their relationships. Therefore, Michael decided to share his text messaging system with his friends. He just wanted to see if it would work in real life. He was quite amazed to see his friends share very positive results.

In fact, even guys who were not having intercourse with their wives were suddenly receiving a lot of attention. Hence, Michael decided it would be a major mistake to keep this system away from the real world. This was the time when he released his first program, Text Your Wife Into Bed.

In the beginning, Michael only focused on helping men. However, it was not long before he realized that his system worked for women too. Thus, Michael Fiore became a household name among people of both genders who needed help in their relationships. Text The Romance Back was Michael’s first program targeting both men and women.

Getting Recognized By The Masses

Once he started focusing on both men and women, things really took off. Soon, Michael was recognized by the masses. He even went on an exhausting media tour including various appearances on Fox, The Rachael Ray Show, CBS, NBC and other major media outlets.

Since then, Michael’s programs have been used by men and women from almost every part of the world.

Michael Fiore

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