Using Technology to Get Your Ex Back

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Breaking up is a situation that almost everyone can relate to as just about all of us have experienced the sting of being dumped or dumping someone. Sometimes, a breakup occurs when you need to get away from an unhealthy relationship.

In that case, ending things is a good idea. But sometimes when a split happens, you feel deep down that it isn’t a good idea because you know that you belong with that other person.

This might be something that you’re going through right now. You’re away from the person that you love and need in your life because he or she ended the relationship.

Or maybe you did but now you’ve had time to think things over and you realize that you were wrong to end it. But the trouble is that the other person isn’t feeling very open to reconciliation.

That’s why you need some guidance. You need to know how to make it so that you don’t look desperate and use today’s technology to help you. You can use the instructions found in the Text Your Ex Back program to restore your relationship quickly.

What Went Wrong with the Relationship

Before you ever use any form of technology, you want to know what you have to fix so that you know what to say to the other person in an effort to undo the damage that’s been done.

Relationships don’t simply dissipate without some kind of warning. There are always clues that will show up when a relationship is in trouble. A lot of the time, you’ll find these clues hidden in the communication between the two of you or rather the lack of communication.

In any relationship, communication is a two way street and it takes both parties expressing what they want and need in order for it to work. When something isn’t working for one of the parties, this should be expressed.

But too often, this isn’t what happens. Instead, when one person is feeling like his or her needs aren’t being met, they won’t speak up. They’ll simply be silent when it comes to anything that’s not surface talk.

You’re still spending time together and talking about mundane stuff, what to eat, where to eat, which party to go to or what movie to see but anything heavier than that gets swept aside.

Maybe that happened to you. You may have noticed that there was a distance between the two of you. It wasn’t anything that you could put your finger on and definitively label as what was wrong yet, now that you think about it, you see that you felt something just wasn’t right.

Most people check out of a relationship mentally and emotionally long before they ever do physically. This is why people can think, “But everything was fine” even when it wasn’t.

They just weren’t picking up on the non-verbal clues. So while you’re in the beginning stage of trying to get your ex back, you need to do a little emotional homework.

No matter how painful or upsetting it is to you, you need to look back over the communication and events that led to the breakup. This may require that you take a hard look at anything you’ve done or said that contributed to the breakup.

Sometimes, it can be so easy to be caught up in life that you forget to treat your relationships with the right amount of concern and care. That doesn’t mean that your situation is hopeless.

It only means that before you can fix whatever it was that tore apart the relationship, you have to know what it is and how to deal with it so that it doesn’t become an issue when things get worked out.

There are several common occurrences that cause relationships to break up. Money, sex and family or in-laws can wreak havoc on any relationship. But there are other factors that can slowly unravel a relationship, too such as emotional baggage.

Some people have emotional baggage from their childhood or from a past relationship that was carried over into their current relationship. Emotional wounds need to be healed before you can make a good partner.

When you’re dealing with relationships where there are unresolved hurts, there can be a tendency to make the current partner ‘pay’ for the mistakes and damages caused by the past.

In order to make room for a healthy relationship, all emotional baggage needs to be sifted through and dealt with in order to find healing or the partner who has experienced a prior damaged relationship may find it difficult to trust, not allowing the present partner fully into their lives.

Possessiveness can cause a relationship to break up. Any person that puts another on an emotional leash is stepping beyond the boundaries of a healthy relationship – and this should be addressed.

Neediness is another relationship buster. Over time, two people with two separate lives can become too dependent on one another. Or one person can become clingy unable to have outside interests or do things without the partner.

Expectations that no one can live up to can also break up a relationship. If you think your partner is perfect, that’s a sign that you have unrealistic expectations. Something no one can live up to.

In the case where there is broken trust caused by lies or infidelity, the relationship can still be restored but not without some soul searching, the offender owning up to his or her actions and a lot of hard work to lay a new foundation.

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